Florian Linckus composes music for national and international films, TV series and advertising.

In his late youth, his interest in film music developed and became a strong passion, which he first exercised as a hobby. He quickly had the opportunity to prove his abilities in smaller film productions. At first he acquired the musical-theoretical abilities, mostly from books in self-study. He then strengthened this by private lessons with the cellist and arranger Jens Naumilkat. From 2007 on he attended the “German Pop Academy” for a composition study, where he obtained his degree as a composer. Since 2008 he is now freelance.

In 2006 he took part in a composition competition of the Tempelhofer Symphony Orchestra and achieved the first place with the work “Die Brücke”, based on the novel by Gregor Dorfmeister.

To this day, Florian Linckus has been involved in more than 60 productions and has implemented a wide variety of styles, including rock, pop, jazz, small ensembles and the large film orchestra.

In addition to his vocation as a composer, he is also active as an arranger, orchestrator and music producer.